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In my opinion, Spalding basketballs are the best because they NEVER go flat. Spalding! The various composite covers can suit any handling skill. Excellent for indoor drill.

Check out their various NBA/Globetrotter brands:

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Q: What is the best basketball brand?
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I personally think that Nike is the best men's basketball sneakers. They have many of the professional basketball shoes such as LeBron's and air Jordan.

Whats the best brand of basketballs?

out of my experience i think that NIKE makes the best basketball ever made !!!!!!!!

What is the best brand of basketball spalding or willson?

Spalding is the official ball brand of the NBA, so Spalding is probably better.

is nike the bset for basketball shoes?

Basketball is a great sport and having the right shoes is very important. Nike is the best brand for basketball shoes but Adidas is a great second choice.

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And one is a basketball brand for example a basketball top

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I think you have basketball shoes by the type of brand.

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Professional basketball players usually use spalding balls.

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