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They are all good bows, but the top rated Archery manufactures are 1)Hoyt, 2)Mathews, 3)Bowtech, and 4)PSE

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There are quite a few good archery equipment sellers, all of which are on the high end in terms of the quality. These sellers are Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech and PSE

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Q: What companies make the best archery equipment?
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Is Archery a career?

It depends on your interest, it is fun and entertainment for some, but a passion for a professional Archer. Good Archery equipments are very important to become a professional archer, you can get best archery supplies and tips online at Safford Sporting Goods.

When did archery become an Olympic sport?

Archery was a sport all the way back in medieval times, and perhaps all the back in ancient times. People trained in various ways and especially in Medieval England, laws were passed to make archery practice mandatory, so people made sports and competitive events to turn the frustrating law into something fun, there are many examples of sport types that involved archery such as: - Standard archery rounds such as Portsmouth rounds (like you'd see on a Robin Hood movie or something similar) - Clout shooting (shoot as close as possible to a flag off in the distance) - Coconut shy equivalent (shooting at various small objects which simulate French heads!) - William Tell challenge (one unfortunate soul has an apple shot off of his head!) - Splitting the wand (a broomstick size pole in the ground has to be shot at and split, this is harder than it sounds) - Flight shooting (shoot as far as possible, simple as that) - Hunting challenges (this one is more of a guess, but it is quite easy to imagine happening) ... And a few more I cannot remember. The point is, archery has been a sport for a very long time, and I didn't even mention before that the Greeks probably had archery as an Olympic event, since they invented it, and archery usage was common practice back then as well. (NOTE: I am a real archer and I am an expert on the subject)

How do i convince my parents to let me do archery?

Archery can be a wonderful way of keeping fit, but it can also be used in a dangerous way. Your parents would need to trust that you wouldn't make bad use of the skills you would learn.Another thing is that it can be quite expensive, and young people often start something and lose interest after a lot of money has been spent. It may be an idea to approach your parents with a mature attitude and tell them that you would like to try archery but that you think you'd like to borrow or hire equipment until you are sure it will be something you want to stick with.You could offer to help contribute by doing extra chores around the home.Also, ask what their concerns are and listen carefully to what they say. Most parents love their youngsters enjoying healthy activities, but they have to make wise decisions for the welfare of the family and take the family budget into account. Show a mature and cooperative attitude and I'm sure they will do all they reasonably can.

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my best answer because i rock would be that they used brooms to make the round thing and string to make the bow

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