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Q: What are the lyrics for the song none of that denver nuggets?
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What is the title of the song they played at Denver Nuggets games in the late 1970's to early 1980's It had the lyrics scoring with the Nuggets tonight?

Running the break just as fast as the wind and forcing it from end to end. We've got fast-break action, jump shots and slams, 'cause we're the Denver Nuggets fans (or friends). Oooh, you've got to go with the Nuggets, get that shot, go with the Nuggets tonight. [I have no idea how I remember that tune...]

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there are none.

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there are none There are lyrics to Scott Joplin's The Entertainer. I know them.

What is the state song of Denver Colorado?

Colorado has 2 state songs - Rocky Mountain High (lyrics by John Denver) and Where the Columbines Grow

What are the lyrics to the New Christy Minstrels song Denver?

It's not a song so stop dreaming or I'll kill you you stupid idiot!

Who wrote the lyrics to the song Insozzz?

The song "Insozzz..." was written by the band "...And Then There Were None". They are one of my personal favorites. =)

On what album did John Denver record Rocky Top?

On none - he never recorded this song... :)

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song lyrics? you havnt exactly said what song lyrics to what?

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