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Over the years the main British drivers who have won formula 1 have benn David Coulthard, Lewis hamilton, Nigel mansell and jenson button.

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2008-07-07 14:22:58
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Q: How many British drivers have won a Formula 1 race?
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How many British drivers have won a Formula 1 World Championship race at the British Grand Prix in their debut season?

You should be able to get that info from the link. See the Related Links for "Formula One Records" to the bottom for the answer.

Who was the first british driver to win formula 1?

Mike Hawthorn was the first British Driver to win a formula one race. He did it in 1953 French Grand Prix. Also, he was the first British Driver to win the formula one drivers world championship title. He did it in the year 1958.

How many formula 1 drivers have started a race from last position but finished first?

Micheal Schumacher

How many formula 1 drivers have won a race?

Over 600 different f1 drivers have won a f1 gp between 1950 and 2012.

How many miles do Formula 1 drivers travel on an average race?

Around 190mile or just over 300kms.

Number of drivers that sit on the pole for formula one race?

Only one driver can take pole for a particular Formula One race

Do formula 1 drivers get a new wrist watch after every race?


What percent of Formula One drivers who are current have won a race?

70 percent

What are the benefits of race car drivers?

There are many benefits of having race car drivers. These race car drivers are very good at providing cheap entertainment to many people for example.

Where was the first Formula 1 race held?

The First World Championship Formula 1 Race Was Held At The British Grand Prix In Silverstone

How many drivers will drive in the Formula One 2013 season?

There are a total of 11 teams in the 2013 formula one season. Each team can field 2 race cars per race which means 2 drivers per race. So, a bare minimum of 22 drivers will drive in the 2013 formula one season. If any driver is injured or replaced mid-season then, the number might be even more. As of now the list of 2 drivers per team is published and can be found in Wikipedia or on the internet.

How many drivers take part in one Formula 1 race?

There are currently 20 racers on 10 teams currently (2009 ) in F1.

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