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Rugby is New Zealand's #1 sport. Rugby League and Union represents New Zealand in competitons such as NRL (Warriors), Four nations (New Zealand) and World cup (New Zealand). New Zealand brings back the heritage of the history at the start of every game, the haka in other words.

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Q: Why is rugby so important to new zealand?
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In new Zealand what percent plays rugby?

I have to write a debate on "Rugby is New Zealands Religion" so i was wounder.. How many New Zealanders watch rugby on television or live???How many rugby teams play in New Zealand???

Why is Wellington New Zealand so important?

because it is the capital of new zealand and it is important to new zealand

How many rugby league players are there in New Zealand?

Rugby league is thirds New Zealand most popular sport, so im guessing a fair few

What is the best rugby league team in the world?

That is easy. New Zealand. New Zealand are The Current Holder of Rugby League but the aussies Have hold this cup the most so i would vote for them

What country is the best at rugby?

Although South Africa has recently beaten New Zealand and South Africa are the reigning champions of the world in Rugby, New Zealand is commonly thought to be the team to beat. So New Zealand would be the answer to your question.

When is US rugby games?

September 11th, 15th, 23rd, 27th in New Zealand times so... :)

Why abel tasman so important?

He discovered New Zealand.

Why is Phar Lap so important to New Zealand?

It is for a school project, why is Phar Lap so important to New Zealand, and why is there a huge argument over Australia "stealing" Phar Lap. Any answers on why Phar Lap is important to New Zealand would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Is rugby so important?


What New Zealand national sport?

New Zealand`s national sport is Rugby, that is their most played and national sport. I was in a class before and we had to pick a country so we picked New Zealand and we had groups to find out about New Zealand, the groups are, Sports, Food, Clothes, Toys, Traditions, and Holidays. and i was in the Sports group. So that is how i no the answer.Thx,WildComet on Horse Isle 1

Why is matariki important to New Zealand?

they do because Maori are part of our country SO BEAT THAT

Which team did not win the Rugby World Cup?

Ony 4 countries have ever won the Rugby World Cup, so every country in the world, except New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England have not won the Rugby World Cup.

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