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The San Francisco 49ers backup quarterbacks for their Super Bowl wins:

  • Guy Benjamin (SB XVI)
  • Matt Cavanaugh (SB XIX)
  • Steve Young (SB XXIII and SB XXIV)
  • Elvis Grbac (SB XXIX)
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Q: Who were the backup quarterbacks for the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl wins?
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Which left handed quarterbacks had a win in Super Bowl?

Kenny 'The Snake' Stabler - Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl XI Steve Young - San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX

What quarterbacks won the Super Bowls for the 49ers?

Steve young and joe Montana

What backup quarterbacks won a super bowl playing?

tom brady

Which quarterbacks have won 4 Super Bowl games as a starter?

Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Joe Montana (San Francisco 49ers) have each won four Super Bowl games as a starting quarterback.

What team has 5 Super Bowl wins?

the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIV?

Quarterback Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers was named MVP of Super Bowl XXIV.

Who one every Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers.

Who won the 23rd Super Bowl?

The San Francisco 49ers.

How many university of Arizona quarterbacks have won the a super bowl?

0 ... either as a starter or backup.

What team scored the most in a super bowl?

San Francisco 49ers

When did San Francisco 49ers first win the Super Bowl?


Who won the Super Bowl the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers?

On February 3, 2013, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, 34-31.