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gautam gambhir

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Q: Who was the most duck out batsman of India?
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Which batsman has played the most number of balls before getting out for a duck?


What is a duck in cricket?

A duck in cricket is when a batsman goes into bat, scores no runs, and is then out again. A golden duck is when a batsman is out on their first ball, and a diamond duck is when an opening batsman is out on the first ball of the match.

Why is it called a duck in cricket?

The batsman do not scoring out is called duck

What in a cricket means a batsman is out without scoring?

if a batsman is out without scoring, then it is called a DUCK.... and if he is out on the 1st ball that he faced then it is called as a GOLDEN DUCK..

Why is a batsman who make no runs at cricket said to be out 'for a duck'?

When a batsman has scored no runs, a zero is written in the scorebook against his/her name. This zero resembles the look of a duck's egg hence the term "out for a duck". When a batsman is out for a duck in both innings of a match, the batsman is said to be "out for a pair". This is not because he has a pair of ducks but because the two zeroes side by side look like a pair of spectacles hence "out for a pair".

What is 'duck'in cricket?

When a batsman plays some balls and gets out at 0 score is called "Duck". And When a batsman gets out on first ball at 0 score is called "Golden Duck".

In which sport would you use the word duck?

Duck hunting and dodgeball "Duck" is a cricket term. It refers to when a batsman is dismissed for a score of zero. He is "out for a duck".

Who is the best batsman for India?

Yourj Singh is the best batsman in Indian side.

Who is best batsman in India?

Yuvraj Singh is the best batsman in the Indian side

How many balls a batsman will beat if he gets a golden duck?


India best batsman?

sachin tendulkar is technically indias best batsman currentley.

Which batsman has scored the most centuries in test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar of India with 51 centuries.

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