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Q: Who was the first anchor of GMA?
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Who dresses GMA anchor Robin Roberts?

ST.John Knits

Why is Diane Sawyer leaving GMA?

she will be the new Anchor to replace Charles Gibson

The cast of first time in gma 7?


Who is the first owner of gma?

keith lemon my friend

Who has the higher ratings abs-cbn or gma 7?


Is anchor or first leg faster in relay?


Who is Lara on gma married to?

I thought it was George from gma

What is GMA Films's population?

The population of GMA Films is 2,006.

When was GMA Films created?

GMA Films was created in 1995.

When was GMA Network created?

GMA Network was created in 1961.

What does GMA stand for in GMA7?

GMA = Global Media Arts

What is the duration of GMA Balita?

The duration of GMA Balita is 1800.0 seconds.