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Pragyan Ojha

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Q: Who was the bowler to take most wickets in ipl 2?
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How many wickets did RP singh take in ipl 2009?

23 wickets. He was the purple cap winner (Best Bowler) of 2009 IPL Series

Which Indian bowler took hightest number of wickets in IPL 2008?

Anil Kumble 28 wickets

Which bowler got most wickets in ipl?

Lasith Malinga is the highest wicket taker ever in the IPL with 59 wickets. R P Singh is the next highest wicket taker ever with 58 wickets. See the related link below.

Who is the first person to take a Hat-Trick in IPL?

The first bowler to take Hat-Trick wickets in I.P.L is Lakshmipathi Balaji [Chennai super kings].

Name the Indian bowler who took the second highest number of wickets in IPL 2008?

piyush chawla

How many wickets did Mathew Hayden take in IPL?

Hayden is a batsman and he hasn't taken any wickets in IPL

Who took the highest wickets in ipl3?

Pragyan Ojha took most wickets in IPL 3. He took 21 wickets in IPL 3.

Who has taken the most wickets in ipl?

Lasith Malinga with 65 wickets. RP Singh is second with 64 wickets

Who was awarded the purple helmet for the most wickets in the first edition of the IPL -?

Sohail Tanvir,from Rajasthan Royals, with 22 wickets, got the purple cap for most wickets in the first edition of IPL in 2007

Who is the purple cap holder?

The purple cap holder in the IPL tournament is the bowler who has dismissed the most batsmen i.e., the bowler who has taken the most number of wickets in the tournament. In 2010 Pragyan Ojha of Hyderabad deccan chargers won the purple cap.

Most wickets in dlf ipl t20?

pragyan ojha

Most wickets in full ipl t20?

Lasith Malinga

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