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It is a matter of opinion but most would say Gordon Greenidge

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Q: Who was the best west Indian opening batsman?
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Who was the west Indian opening batsman who played 108 tests during 1974 to 1991?

Gordon Greenidge

Who was in 1971 - 74 the west indies cricket teams opening batsman?


What west Indian batsman scored 77587 runs?

brian lara

Which west Indian batsman was also nick named as master blaster?

Viv Richards

What does the face paint say on West Indian batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul's face?


Was Mohinder Amarnath Indian batsman to score a 100 against the West Indies in ODI's?


Which Indian batsman has scored the maximum runs against West Indies in Test Cricket?

Sunil Gavaskar..

Who was the W indies opening batsman in 1975?

Roy Fedricks and Gordon Greenidge opened in the 1975 WCup for the West Indies.

Who is the best batsman in west indies?

Lara is the best batsman in Windies. Some other greats are: * Desmond Haynes * Richie Richardson * Viv Richards * Clive Lloyd * Gordon Greenidge * etc...

Who is the first batsman?

Adam West

Who did India beat in the opening match of the 1983 world cup?

India, who won the 1983 Cricket World Cup, won their first match of the tournament against the West Indies, who they beat by 34 runs. The top scorer was Indian batsman Yashpal Sharma, who scored 89 runs.

Which west Indian batsman was also nicknamed Master Blaster'?

The nickname "Master Blaster" has been shared by three Test cricketers - the West Indian bearing that nickname is Viv Richards, while the other cricketers who bore that nickname were Sri Lankan Sanath Jayasuriya and Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

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