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ok u guys think u know so much about sports but u don't so don't type in stupid answers and u don't even know the answer

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Q: Who made the most 3 pointers in a row in a game?
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What college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a row in a game?

j.j. reddick

What is the world record for most 3 pointers made in a row?

Steve Nash with 211

Who holds the record for most 3 points in the nba?

First Kobe Bryant broke the record of Dennis Scott for three pointers in a game with 12 and then Donyell Marshall also made 12 three pointers in one game. Scott made 11 three pointers in 17 attempts on April 18, 1996 for the Orlando Magic in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Magic won the game 119-104.

Can you get Michael Jordan in NBA jam the game?

No, but I heard you can unlock Michael Jackson by scoring three three pointers in a row

Has anybody in history made 100 3 pointers in a row?

Yes, mark Lennon played for the Lakers during the mid-late 80s. he successfully made in 100 threes in a row. look it up

Who was the first to make a half court shot in basketball?

Dakota Craddock from Binger, Oklahoma made 167 three pointers in a row. Dakota Craddock from Binger, Oklahoma made 167 three pointers in a row.

What system was saints row 1 made for?

The Game Saints Row is an Xbox 360 game The PS3 release of the game was cancelled

Do saints row 2 cheats work on saints row 1?

I dought it mate, most cheats are discovered and/or made for the specific game excluding prequels and sequels...

What is the most basketball hoops made in a row?

Ben Coffman made 11 field goals in a row in one game at the nation's leading DII basketball power, Kentucky Wesleyan in Owensboro, KY...

Who made throw in a row game?

Parker Brothers - 1992

What team hit the most doubles in a row in a single game?


Who has the record for 3 pointers in a game?

According to's listing of NBA records, Brent Price (Washington) hit 13 in a row from 1/15/96 to 1/19/96; Terry Mills (Detroit) also hit 13 in a row from 12/4/96 to 12/7/96. Don't see anything about most consecutive 3 pointers hit in one single game.