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Saqlain Mushtaq (53)

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Q: Who is the First Bowler to take 100 wickets in ODI?
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Who was the first Australian bowler to take 100 wickets in Test Cricket?

Charles Turner was the first bowler who took 100 wickets in Test matches for Australia in the year 1895 against England at Sydney.

Who was the first bowler to pass the 350-wickets mark in Test Cricket?

Dennis Lillee of Australia was the first bowler to take 350 wickets in Test Cricket. He achieved this mark in 1984 in the last match of his Test Cricket career at Sydney playing against Pakistan.

Which bowler was the fastest to get to 100 wickets in tests for Pakistan?

Wasim Akram

Who is the only Indian bowler to capture 100 test wickets despite making his debut after the age of 30?

Dilip Doshi

Who is the fastest 100 wicket taker in one day cricket history?

Yes, I know he is Pakistan Spin Bowler Saqlain Mushtaq who completed his fastest to 100 wickets in one day matches.

Who was the first Indian spinner to take 300 wickets in test cricket?

'Fiery' Freddie Trueman. One of Yorkshires finest sons his bowling action was a thing of beauty to behold, sideways on & flowing like a good wine. His opinions of batsmen which faced him were always derisory and he became a fine commentator & raconteur. Nonetheless on the cricket field he was a bowler which made batsman shiver & shake ! A fine man.

Is there a test cricketer who played 100 test matches and took 100 test wickets and 100 ODI wickets also?

Kapil Dev although legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya missed out by 2 test wickets

Does saqlain mushtaq hold the record of taking fastest 100 wickets in odi cricket?

Not only 100,he holds the record of taking fastest 200 wickets as well.

Is sachin tendulkar all rounder player in odi?

Yes, he was one of the best all-rounders in ODI cricket. He took 152 wickets for India in ODIs. Also he was the first man to get 10,000 runs with 100 wickets. His best bowling figure is 5-32. He got two 5 wickets haul.

Who scored the fastest test 100 in cricket?

Jim Lakerwill always be remembered for his bowling in the Test match at Old Trafford in 1956, when he took 19 Australian wickets for 90, 9 for 37 in the first innings and 10 for 53 in the second. No other bowler has taken more than seventeen wickets in a first-class match, let alone in a Test match. The feat is unique and, rash though it may seem to say, may well remain so. for more :

Who took 100 test wickets by bowling the batsman?

Donald Bradman

What is the use of mathematics in cricket.?

Mathematics play an important role in cricket.I think most mathematics is used in cricket only.It is used to calculate the over rate (total number of overs bowled by a bowling side in one hour) by dividing the number of time with the overs.It is also used to find the run rate of the bowler (total number of runs conceded by a bowler per one over of his career) by dividing the number of runs with the number of overs.It is also used to calculate the average and strike rate of both bowlers and batsmen.Batsman strike rate is the number of runs a batsman has made per 100 balls of his career and average is the number of runs a batsman has made getting out once i.e. number of runs/number of times a batsman has got out.Strike rate of the bowler is the number of balls a bowler has taken to get a wicket i.e. the number of balls/number of wickets and average of a bowler is the number of runs the bowler has given per wicket i.e. the number of runs/numbers of wickets.