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Steelers has the most fans not the Cowboy or Raiders

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Q: Who has the most fans in the NFL?
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Who has the Greatest fans in the NFL?

The Detroit Lions have greatest and most loyal fans throughout the NFL

Which NFL team has the least fans?

EAGLES Steelers have the most fans

Which NFL team is the most popular and has the most fans?


Which NFL team has the most loyal fans?


Can you name three most liked teams in the NFL?

This all depends on the fans.

What NFL team has the most fans in Arizona?

Um maybe the cardinals... Lol

Most dedicated NFL fans?

all bout tha OAK. RAIDERS

What NFL team that has t he most fans world wide?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which football team has more fans?

The NFL team with the most fans is the Dallas Cowboys. The Green Bay Packers have the second most fans, followed by the Denver Broncos, and the NY Giants.

How many fans are at a raiders games?

Yes. They have some of the most devoted fans in the NFL. To some they may rival New Orleans Saints fans, Cleveland Browns fans, and Green Bay Packers fans.

Who has more fans MLB or NFL?

The NFL of course

What is the record for most fans at an NFL game?

This was set last night at the Dallas- NY Giants Sunday night game- 105,221 fans.