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Chris Gayle belongs to Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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Q: Which team does Chris Gayle belongs to in IPL 2014?
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When will chris gayle play in his team-rcb in pepsi ipl 2014?

in today's match

Will chris gayle play for Indian cricket team?


What Chris Gayle is the Captain of which international cricket team?

West indies

Why isn't Chris Gayle playing for the west indies at the moment?

chris gayle isn't in the west indies team at the moment because of contract disputes with the board

Who was the captain of the west indies cricket team in 2008?

Chris Henry Gayle

Is chris gayle playing for Indian cricket team?

No, chrish gayle is not playing for India he will play for west indies and always play for west indies cricket team.

What NFL team does James Gayle play for?

James Gayle plays for the Tennessee Titans.

Who are the worlds best batsmen?

The best batsmen from each team at the time are Mike Hussey, Salman Butt, Sachin Tendulklar, Chris Gayle and Mahela Jawerdene

32 runs in a over in ipl?

No, but there was 31. It was between Chris Gayle and Saurabh Tiwary. Rahul Sharma was the bowler.Ball 1: Sharma to Tiwary, 1 run.Ball 2: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 3: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 4: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 5: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 6: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!This happened in 2012. The team who hit it was Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors India.

What is the rule of subject-verb agreement applied to asking the question Who belong to the soccer team or Who belongs to the soccer team?

The answer is "Who belongs to the soccer team."

What team does Chris Brown own?

Chris Brown does not own any team.

Who are the players in Bangalore royal challengers?

well there are many players in rcb. but let me tell u few players. virat kholi, Yuvraj Singh, mutthai muralitharan, chris gayle, Parthiv Patel, AB de villers,...... thank you

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