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Gary Kirsten (South Africa) holds the record of highest individual score in Cricket World Cup. He scored 188* against UAE in 1996 world cup.

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Q: Which player has the highest world cup individual score?
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Which batsman has the highest score in 2007 world cup as an individual player?

Adam Ghilchrist...Australia Vs Sri Lanka Final.

Which player score highest score you world cup 1992?

Brian Lara

Who is player has highest individual score in a world cup match against which country?

Gary Kirsten made 188 runs against UAE in 1996 world cup

Which player scored highest score in cricket world cup 1992?

Martin Crowe is the player who scored highest score in cricket world cup in 1992.he scored 456 runs

Which player scored highest score world cup 1992?


Which Indian cricketer had scored highest individual score in finals of cricket world cup?

Virender Sehwag : 80+ score in 2003 world cup final

Which cricketer has made the highest individual score at the World Cup?

martin guptell the new zealand's opener has scored the highest runs in the world cup inings he did thsi in the quartr final against west indies when he smashed 237 not out runs in the 50 overs becoming 2nd player to score double hundred in 50 over format in world cup

Who is the highest goal scorer in career in the world?

Pele is the only player to score 1,200 odd goals.

Who is the highest scorer in the world cup cricket of 2007?

Most Runs: Matthew Hayden (659 runs) Highest Individual Score: Imran Nazir (160 runs)

Who made the highest score in the 1975 Cricket World Cup?

The highest individual score in the inaugural 1975 Cricket World Cup was scored by the opener in the second match of the tournament - Glenn Turner of New Zealand scored 171 not out against East Africa.

What is the highest score on legendary on fifa 12?

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What is the highest score in a cricket world cup match?

India made highest score in world cup against Bermuda in 2007 413

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