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Q: Which game is associated with the name dhyanchand?
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Dhyanchand cup played for which sports?


Whose birthday is celebrated as sports day?


Name the game associated with ashok pandit?


With which game is the name Jackie Robinson associated?

base ball

Which awards are related to badminton game?

name the awards associated with badminton

Who was dhyanchand and what sport did he play?

He was an Indian hockey player and played field hockey

Why dhyanchand is known as magician of hockey?

because when he play the ball was allways with his hockey

Who is the sole hockey player decorated with rajiv Gandhi khelratna?

gordon ramsay

Which Indian sports personality's birth anniversary is celebrated as the national sports day in India?


Which Indian sports personality birth anniversary is celebrated as the National sports Day in India?


How do we commemorate hockey legend Dhyanchand's birthday on 29th August in India?

National Sports Day

What quiz game is associated with WikiAnswers?

Blufr, the triva game, is associated with WikiAnswers.