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You can order Indianapolis Colts tickets for 2010 in the next few months once the schedule of games is released by the NFL. Vertex Tickets will have the schedule listed on their site and the available tickets for individual sale that season ticket holders will be selling. The ticket holders sell off the extra tickets to games that they cannot attend for whatever reason.

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2010-01-16 13:55:20
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Q: When to buy Colts tickets for 2010?
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How far in advance do people usually buy colts tickets?

There is no information online about how far in advance people buy Colts tickets. However, since Colts games often sell out quickly it is best to buy them as far in advance as possible.

Where can someone go to buy Indianapolis Colts tickets?

To buy Indianapolis Colt tickets, you could try buy calling up your local Ticketmaster. They will probably help you with buying tickets. You can also call the arena.

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Where can one purchase tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game?

There are several places someone can purchase tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game. Many online sites, such as stubhub, ticketzoom and the Indianapolis colts site all sell tickets to Colts games.

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Tickets for the 2010 Super Bowl are sold out. You might want to look on eBay or stubhub for people reselling their tickets. Be prepared to spend a lot of money!

How much did 2013 Indianapolis Colts playoff tickets cost?

Colts playoff tickets were around $230 (this is about the average price). This estimate was made using the cost of ravens vs colts game. the orignial estimate was $229.12

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