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May 2012

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Q: When do the England cricket team next play the West Indies?
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Where is the next t-20worldcup2010?

west indies organize the next t20 cricket world cup

Who were the two cricket captains to score centuries on same day of a Test?

On May 26 th, 2012, the 2nd test of the West Indies tour of England, Darren Sammy, West Indies captain scored 106, and West Indies slowly got all out for 370. In the next innings, the same day, England captain, Andrew Strauss scored 102, and is now still not out at stumps.

From which time West Indies Vs India cricket match will start?

first two matches at 20.00 IST next two match 19.00 IST

Where will the next t20 world cup after West Indies?

next t20 world cup in srilanka in 2012.

When does the England Cricket Team next play?

The England Cricket Team next play from the 6th to the 23rd of June in the ICC Champion Trophy. The games will take place at the Oval, Edgbaston and Cardiff.

When is the next cricket match between Wales and Australia?

Wales and Australia do not play each other at cricket, they play at rugby and occasionally football but not cricket. In cricket Australia play England although they do have Welsh players in the team sometimes. The next match will be in July 2013 in England.

Why is 400 so important in cricket?

400 is the highest runs scored by an individual in a particular innings of a test match. This feat was achieved of West Indies' batsman Brian Charles Lara against England in 2003. Next on this list is Australia's Matthew Hayden scoring 380 runs against Zimbabwe in 2003.

When are England cricket next in Australia?

England travel to Sydney, Australia in January 2015 to begin a series of One Day Internationals.

When is the next international cricket match?

when is pakistans next cricket match

Name the country that's next to England on the left?

On the island of Great Britain the country to the west of England is Wales

What was the shortest cricket test match ever?

The shortest test match, with a result, in the history of cricket took place between Australia and South Africa. It was the final test of the 1931-32 series. South Africa scored 36, 45 in their first and second innings respectively. Australia(153) beat South Africa by an innings and 72 runs. The match lasted 109.2 overs. The next shortest test match was between West Indies and England in 1934-35. It lasted 112 overs.

What will be the next Cricket game from EA?

The next possible game in the EA's cricket franchise would be Cricket 08 but there is no official announcement of the title as yet.

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