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In the Union code South Africa won the cup in 1995

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Q: What was the year south Africa won the first Rugby world cup?
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Who won the first ever rugby world cup?

New Zealand won the first ever rugby world cup beating France in the final

Who scored the first try in the 1995 rugby world cup for south africa?

me nan

Has Africa ever hosted the rugby world cup?

Yes South Africa hosted the Rugby world cup , that year they even won it.

Who won the 1995 rugby world cup?

The 1995 RWC was hosted and won by South Africa

What is south Africa's rugby world ranking?

at the moment 2nd

When and where was the rugby world cup and who won it?

south Africa won

When was the rugby world cup played in south africa?


What happens if South Africa wins the rugby world cup again?

It will be the first team to win 3 times

Where was the the World Rugby Cup in 1995?

the rugby cup in 1995 was hosted by south africa. they also won the world cup

What team won the rugby world cup in 1995?

south Africa

Who one the 2007 rugby union world cup?

South Africa

When was the third rugby world cup held?

The third rugby world cup was held in South Africa in 1995, with South Africa defeating the All Blacks in the final 15-12 after extra time.