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from fall to summer

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Q: What time of the year does basketball season start?
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When basketball season start?

Fall of each year. Pre-season games begin in the month of October.

Should boys and girls have the same basketball season of the year?

Yes, they should. Basketball is the one sport that can last a long time, and because of this, winter is the perfect season. Fall is football season, and football and basketball are the two main sports that the students come to.

When does sons of anarchy season 4 start in the UK?

Not till this time next year

What year did delonte west start playing basketball in the NBA?

Delonte West began his NBA career in the 2004-05 season with the Boston Celtics.

What year did basketball start in US?


What year is Patterson UK basketball?

As of the 2008-2009 season Patrick Patterson is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky, the school with the most all time wins of any college basketball program.

Is basketball year round sport?

No, the season stops and then opens again.

What time of year do you start strawberry seeds?

In spring when the outdoor growing season starts in your area.

Which basketball player was the Rookie of the Year in the 1984-85 season?

Michael Jordan

What year did they start paying basketball players?

1848 you dumbwit

What year did basketball rules first start to change?


What year did basketball start and in which country?

it started in 1891 and in the u.s.a