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Kernkraft 400 Sports Edition - Zombie Nation

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the hip

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Q: What song is played when the Toronto Maple Leafs Score?
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Are the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple leafs rivals?

Yes!! Very much. I'm a Leafs fan and I'm always checking the score when they play Montreal, more than any other team.

Who scored the first maple leaf goal at the Air Canada Centre?

In the 1930s, the Toronto Maple Leaf players were ordered to add helmets to their equipment. A few minutes into the first game with the new helmets, King Clancy flung his helmet off. Shortly thereafter the other Leafs followed suit.

Who was the last Maple Leafs player to score a goal at Maple Leaf Gardens?

According to this site ( it was Todd Warriner.

What NHL hockey team won the 1st Stanley Cup?

On March 30th 1918. The Toronto Arenas (aka The Toronto Maple Leafs) became the First Team to win the Stanley Cup defeating the Vancouver Millionaires in a Best of Five Series 3-2 The Score was 2-1

Who was the last Maple Leaf to score in the playoffs?

Mats Sundin was the last Maple Leaf to score in the playoffs. Back in 2004 vs the Philadelphia Flyers. It was the second goal scored by the Leafs in that game, and they lost by a final score of 3-2 in overtime.

Who was the Detroit red wings first coach to lead them to a Stanley Cup?

Jack Adams - 1936Jack Adams coached the Red Wings to their first Stanley Cup victory in 1936. The Wings defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in a five game series in which the Wings won in four. They won their first Cup on the road in Toronto on April 11th, 1936 with a final score of 3-2.

What was the final score of the first leafs game?

Toronto would play its first game on December 28, 1906 against the Canadian Soo team of the IHL, losing 7–0 at the Mutual Street Rink in Toronto.

What is the highest scoring NHL all-star game?

The highest scoring Maple Leafs game was against the Montreal Canadiens. It was the Toronto St. Patrick's (now known as the Leafs) vs Montreal Canadiens. Final Score: 14-7 Montreal wins!!

Against which goaltender did Darryl Sittler score his record 10 points in one game?

Dave Reece Reece did not play in another game after that night. Dave Reece

How many goals on average do the Toronto maple leafs score?

Well that depends on what time frame you want to look at. Last year (2008-2009) the Leafs scored 250 goals in 82 games. This averages out to about 3.05 goals per game. So far this year, they have scored 12 goals in 5 games, working out to 2.4 goals per game on average. However, since it's still early in the season, this number may not accurately represent the "real" goal average.

How many times did the Leafs score 100 points in a season?

3 times

Who played in the first basketball game?

The first NBA Basketball game was played on November 1, 1946 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada between the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies. The score was 96-78, with the Knickerbockers winning.