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The Olympic motto is the following: Citius, Altius, Fortius. The English meaning is the following: Faster, Higher, Stronger.

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Q: What is the original motto and what does it mean in English?
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What is the motto of D.B.M.S. English School?

The motto of D.B.M.S. English School is 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam'.

What is the motto of Assumption English School?

The motto of Assumption English School is 'Through Work Achieve Success'.

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The motto of Deepika English Medium School is 'Light the Flame'.

Motto's on the subject - English?

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The motto of New English School - Kuwait - is 'Ex oriente lux'.

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In English it is Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and the original motto is Liberte, egalite fraternite

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What does Archbishop Bernard Longley's motto mean?

He is an English Prelate of the roman Catholic Church. His motto is "To be one" meaning oneness in the body of Christ.

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Bydand is the Motto of Clan Gordon (Highlanders), and is usually translated from the original Doric (the language of Scots living in Northeastern Scotland) as "Steadfast". Bydand is taken from the Regimental Motto, which was "Byde and Fect" (Stay and Fight). It was shortened to Bydand, since it was assumed that if you stayed, you were going to fight.

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