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5 feet

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Q: What is the ideal height for a female gymnast and why?
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What is an ideal height for a manikin?

The ideal height for a manikin that is a female is 178 cm and for a male the ideal height is 181cm.

What is the height of the tallest female gymnast ever?

Sarie Morrison, sophomore at LSU, 5 feet 9 inches.

What is the ideal height for female?

The ideal height for a female very much depends on what is considered desirable by themselves and others. For a typical male at 5'10", the ideal height for their girlfriend would be 5'6. This would allow 4 inches between the two, and if the female wears 3 inch high heels, it would mean the man would still have an inch 1/2 over their girlfriend.

What is the ideal weight for a 14-year-old female?

It depends on your height. Go google your height and see what you should be. :3

What is the ideal height for female college rowers?

9 ft. 4 in. The taller the better.

Is 140 pounds the ideal weight for a 19 year old female?

It depends on your height and muscle mass.

What is the ideal height for female high school rowers?

ideally 6ft 3 realistically 5ft 8-5ft 11 is a really good height to be at

Who are the famous female gymnast from ohio?


What is the bulge in the crotch of female gymnast?


What height is required for being an olympic gymnast?

There is no height requirement to compete in Olympic gymnastics.

Ideal size for female that is 33 years old?

That would depend on your height and your bone structure. There is no one ideal size for every 33 year old woman.

What should be a ideal height for a 35 kg 13 years old girl?

An ideal height for 13 year old female is 63 inches and weight should b near to 100 lbs.As your for 35<77 lbs> kg the height should be 52 inches