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It honestly depends on what type of helmet you get...todays helmets can go from 100-300$...but if you have a limited amount of money I am sure you can find some used ones on eBay or in a used sporting store...or even look for some new helmets on sale online and in Lacrosse stores (or dicks)...

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Q: What is the cost of a lacrosse helmet?
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Can I put a lacrosse visor on a CPV-R lacrosse helmet?


How much does a custom cascade lacrosse helmet cost?

it depends where you get it: you can probably get it from $115 to $140 i got one on for about $120

On the cpx lacrosse helmet can you replace the visor?

No you can't

What is lacrosse played with?

Lacrosse is played with a Stick and Multiple pads. Including, A helmet, shoulder pads, etc.

Does the under armour football visor fit on a lacrosse helmet?


What do you need to play lacrosse?

A lacrosse helmet, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse arm pads, lacrosse shoulder pads, a lacrosse stick, cletes with rounded spikes, a mouthguard, an athletic cup if you want, a lacrosse ball, and a wall to practice on. Go to to find most of that stuff

Which brand of Lacrosse helmet is considered highest quality?

Cascade is the leading Lacrosse helmet manufacturer. They design and manufacture the helmets. Bauer Performance Sports has also acquired Cascade's helmets and has produced their own line.

Does lacrosse involve flow?

flow is just the the hair that goes out of the back of your helmet just grow out your hair and youll have flow

How big will an extra small lacrosse helmet adjust to?

Depends o what kind of helmet it is. If it's like the pro7 then it can probly adjust to a medium, but if it's another kind of helmet I don't know.

Is the cascade pro7 the safest lacrosse helmet ever made?

Yes. It prevents concussions the best.

What is the order of putting lacrosse gear on a stick?

helmet, shoulder pads, arms pads, gloves

What kind of padding can be used in a lacrosse helmet for a player that is recovering from an ear operation?

Any padding