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New Zealand's Women's Rugby team, The Black Ferns (Not to be confused with "The Silver Ferns", which are NZ's Netball team) are ranked 1st in the world and are more sucessful than the All Blacks (For the oblivious, New Zealand's Mens team)

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2007-12-11 07:08:26
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Q: What is the New Zealand womens rugby teams ranking in the world?
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How many professional rugby teams does New Zealand have?

There are 14 professional teams in the ITM cup competition for rugby union. However there are also rugby league teams as well as women's teams and the national team.

Captains of New Zealand rugby teams?

the captain of the New Zealand Rugby union team the All Blacks is Richie McCaw and the captain of the New Zealand Rugby League team is Simon Mannering

What rugby teams are the best?

Wales, new zealand, scarlets and ospreys

Which rugby teams are called The Black?

new zealand are the all blacks

In new Zealand what percent plays rugby?

I have to write a debate on "Rugby is New Zealands Religion" so i was wounder.. How many New Zealanders watch rugby on television or live???How many rugby teams play in New Zealand???

What rugby teams are considered the best in the world?

New Zealand's All Blacks Men's rugby; All Blacks Women; Black Ferns World under 19 ; New Zealand world under 21; New Zealand World sevens rugby; New zealand World rugby league champions; New Zealand World Secondary Schools ( high school) champion; New Zealand

What countries provide teams for the super 15 rugby competition apart from new zealand?


How many internatinal rugby teams did Jonah lomu play for?

One only. New Zealand

Who are the most successful teams in rugby world cup?

The top teams are New Zealand, Australia South Africa France England

What is rugby league called in Australia?

Rugby League in Australia is called Rugby League, and it is an competition called the NRL (National Rugby League) which teams are based in Australia and one in New Zealand

What gender was rugby league open to?

men at first but now women can play in the womens competition. There is no mixed gender teams.

Has Georgia ever won the rugby world cup?

No. The teams who have won the Rugby World Cup are; New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England

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