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Q: What is that movie called with the volleyball named W ilson?
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Are you in the movie castaway?

Yes, if your name is Tom Hanks, or you are a volleyball named Wilson.

In Tom Hanks' 2000 movie Cast Away what is the name of the volleyball?

The volleyball was named Wilson as in the name of the manufacturer of the ball.

Why they named volleyball volleyball?

Volley is when you get down and it's also a ball

What was the movie where there was a dog called Snickers?

There was one movie called Dog whisperer that had a dog named Snickers in it.

What is a mintonette in volleyball?

Within two years after the game was invented (volleyball was invented in 1895). Observers picked up on the rule that the ball could not touch the floor and began calling the game 'volley ball' which was eventually changed to 'volleyball'.

Which show had a character named nine?

The movie is called Nine. And the character is also named Nine.

Who invented the volleyball attire?

The sport of volleyball originated in Holyoke, Mass in the year 1895 by a man named William Morgan.

What is the last movie of Frankie muniz?

In 2008 a movie called Extreme Movie as a character named Chuck.

What is this movie called has a moose named Elliot and he farts in peoples faces?

Open Season is the movie

What is the movie called it has a tarantula in it named Martica?

Assuming you mean 'Martika' - the movie is Captain Ron.

What is the gemstone which is red and named after a Rajinikanth movie?

The gemstone which is red is called Blood Stone. It is named after Rajnikanth's movie. His name of movie was also Blood Red.

Do you have a picture of the face Tom Hanks painted on the volleyball named Wilson in the movie Cast Away?

Please see the related link below for a picture. They have one posted in the article on Wikipedia.