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Australia or hambledon

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Q: What group of people played the first cricket test against England in England?
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When did England played his first Cricket Match?

England played his first official Cricket Match against Australia on 15 March 1877.

Who has played the most cricket games against Australia?

Cricket is a game played with a ball and bat, where the pitcher bowls the ball to the batter. England has played the most cricket games against Australia.

Why is cricket played in England?

Cricket is not played in England its played in India!

Have England ever played cricket in Scotland?

Yes England have played cricket in Scotland.

When did Jacques Kallis start playing cricket?

Kallis played his first test match against England on December 14,1995 Kallis played his first ODI match against England on January 9,1996

What country was cricket first played in? suprised they are still rubbish at cricket

What are sports that are played in England?

Cricket is a sport in England.

How many cricket test matches have Australia won against England till date?

133 out of the 326 matches played. England won 102.

Where was cricket first played?


What sports are played in England but not played in France?


Where are first test cricket played?


Who is number 1 in cricket?

England because last time they played against Australia they beat them by 300 because they had 300 and we had 600.