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"DLF" stand for "Delhi Land and Finance."

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Q: What does the abbreviation 'DLF' stand for?
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What does DLF in the Indian premier league stand for?

DLF stands for DLF Limited the chief sponsor for the IPL tournament. DLF is a leading real estate and infrastructure company in India.

What does DLF stand for in ipl cricket 2009?

DLF Limited, or DLF (Delhi Leasing and Finance) is an Indian real estate developer based in New Delhi, India.DLF is currently sponsoring Indian Premier League(IPL), a Twenty20 format cricket league in India.DLF Group has paid US $40 million to be the title sponsor of the tournament for 5 years.

Dlf ipl 2008 team position stand?

1. Rajasthan Royals - Champions 2. Chennai Super kings - Runner up

What does DLF stands for in IPL cricket?

DLF is a company which sponsors the IPL

What does the abbreviation P.O.S.T stand for?

Power On Self-Test