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Muslims celebrate Ramadan and Hajj

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Q: What do Muslims celerbrate every year?
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Why do Muslims celerbrate eid?

Muslims celebrate Id-ul-Fitr at the end of Ramadan. They celebrate it to thank Allah for a successful fast.

Why do Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia every year?


Do Muslims celebrate Ramadan every year?

Yes; in August.

What does a Buddhist do in a festival?

they celerbrate.

Does Ramadan still exist?

Yes, it does. It is observed every year by Muslims.

What percentage of money do Muslims give to poor people every year?

2.5 % I think

Why do you celerbrate Halloween and valentines?

because its a lotta fun

In which year was Muslims fasting compulsary?

During the month of Ramadan fasting is compulsary for every adult muslim.

Does Jamaica celerbrate anything do you have?

yes Jamaica celerbrates everything that i have

What is the kaaba according to Muslim?

its called "house of God" symbolically. but Muslims does not believe God settle there. its a point for praying direction of Muslims. and a place for doing Hajj every year.