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He had a shop selling sports equipment.

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Q: What did Jack Hobbs the cricketer do in the winter?
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Who is the English cricketer known as the master?

Jack Hobbs

How many siblings does Sir Jack Hobbs have?

Sir Jack Hobbs was an English professional cricketer who was born in Cambridge on December 16, 1882. Hobbs had 11 siblings and he was the eldest child.

Which cricketer has scored the most first class centuries in history?

Jack Hobbs - Including 15 for England in Test matches, 12 for touring representative MCC teams, 144 for Surrey, and 16 for Players v Gentlemen

Who scored highest centuries in first class cricket history?

sachin tendulkar

What is Jack Hobbs's birthday?

Jack Hobbs was born on August 18, 1988.

When was Jack Hobbs born?

Jack Hobbs was born on August 18, 1988.

When was John Winter - cricketer - born?

John Winter - cricketer - was born in 1851.

When did John Winter - cricketer - die?

John Winter - cricketer - died in 1914.

When did Jack Walsh - cricketer - die?

Jack Walsh - cricketer - died in 1980.

When did Jack Cope - cricketer - die?

Jack Cope - cricketer - died in 1995.

When was Jack Parker - cricketer - born?

Jack Parker - cricketer - was born in 1913.

When did Jack Parker - cricketer - die?

Jack Parker - cricketer - died in 1983.