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There'd be one or two star riders, and the rest will be support riders.

The task of the support riders is to make the race as easy as possible for the star rider(s) until he is in a good position to do his thing.

If a team's star rider is a sprinter, the rest of the team is responsible for keeping him out of the wind and deliver him fit and rested to a good spot to start the sprint from.

The same goes if it's a good mountain rider.

If the star rider is a generally good rider, then the support riders can be used to chase down any breakaway riders. It's possible to win the overall title w/o winning any stages, as long as there are always different riders in the top position.

Another task for support riders is to drop back to the team car for more water and food, and then catch up with the star rider and deliver those items to him.

Last but not least a support rider may be asked to give up his bike to the star rider if he should suffer a flat or other mechanical problems.

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Tour the France is big business, much like NHL or NBA. Someone with (access to) plenty of money decides that running a cycling team would be nice, so he starts to recruit good riders, either from other teams or from talented amateurs spotted at less known races. When he has a team he contacts the race organizers, pay them a starting fee and then he and his team are in.

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the winner is decided by the person who wins the race.

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By combining the top 3 riders from each team on each stage, this way teams are rewarded for 'good days'.

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bradley wiggins

but pie is neck and neck

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Q: What are the roles of team members in the tour de france?
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Which teams are in the 2014 Tour de France?

TEAM SKY is the team that are in the 2014 Tour de France.

Who was in the Australian team for the 2008 Tour de France?

there is no national teams at the tour de france, every team is multinational

How do you get in the tour de France?

you have to ride for a team that participates in the tour then your team manager picks 9 riders who he thinks will be good,helpful in the tour.

Are there any independant riders in the 2008 tour de france?

No. You have to be a part of a team to be allowed to race in the Tour de France

Robbie McEwen's team at this years Tour de France?

From what I've read so far, it seems like Robbie McEwen is in Team Katusha in the for this years (2009) Tour de France.

What does the purple jersey mean in Tour de France?

There is no official purple jersey in the Tour de France. You might have seen a team jersey in that colour.

When will Jesper de Hoog participate in Le Tour de France?

First condition in order to participate in Tour de France, you will have to be part of a Pro Tour team (UCI licensed) or a team that recives a wildcard invitation from the organisation. Second condition is that you must be selected as one of the 9 riders of the team. For De Hoog it will be necessary to be part of a Pro Tour team. Then there are chances to participate in Le Tour.

Which team was cadel evans in le tour de france 2011?

Team BMC racing

What was the first American team in the tour de France?


Which team has won tour de France most?

Teams are only who is sponsoring the team at that time, its very hard to quantify what constitutes the same team when team members change, key members leave, the team changes names. A good example is Lance Armstrongs team...originally USPS, then changed to Discovery and then without Lance became Astana! so is that the same 'team'? a better question is which rider won the tour the most: Lance Armstrong 7 times and the team then was USPS/Discovery so does that answer the question?

What are the names of the 9 riders representing germany in the tour de france?

The Tour de France isn't raced by nations, it's raced by teams of professional riders usually coming from several countries.There may well be a team based in Germany, racing in the Tour de France though, but even the members of that team will vary from one year to the next. So w/o knowing which year you're asking about there's no way even half answer your question.

How did Lance Armstrong win the Tour De France?

He out-cycled everyone else and had the strong support of his team. Basically, he completed the entire Tour De France faster than anyone else, with the help of his team.