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niagara on the lake Ontario

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Q: What are the oldest golf courses in Canada?
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What are the three oldest golf courses in Arizona?

Turquoise valley golf course, Encanto golf course and Hassayampa golf and country club.

Oldest public golf course west of the Mississippi?

presidio san francisco There are many golf courses that claim to be the oldest golf course West of the Mississippi. The year the club or course would have to claim is 1893 or earlier. I don't think there is a firm answer, but I know of a couple courses who's dates fit the bill. The Victoria Golf Club in Canada stakes a valid claim, but Gearheart in Oregon and Fairfield Golf and Country Club in Fairfield, Iowa all have valid claims as well.

Why are sports famous in St Andrews Scotland?

St Andrews is famous for Golf. It's one of the oldest Golf Courses in the world and is considered to be the centre of international Golf today.

What is the oldest private golf courses in the US?

The Chicago Country Club in Wheaton, IL. I believe it opened in 1893, and was the first 18 hole golf course in America.

What are top ten oldest California golf courses?

If you want to experience the best courses in California, better have your vacation package be reserved with Golf Zoo They offer golf vacation or business travel packages in California. Go and better check it out! :))

How many Orlando golf courses?

Over 20 golf courses in Orlando.

How many golf courses are in grays harbor?

there are 17 golf courses in Grays Harbor

Do you have golf courses in Washington Utah?

Yes, we have some golf courses here, they are beautiful.

How many golf courses in US?

Approximately 18,000 golf courses in US alone.

How many golf courses in north America?

There are 11000 golf courses in North America.

How many golf courses are there in Utah?

Jay Drew, golf writer for The Salt Lake Tribune, says there are 121 golf courses in the state of Utah.

Are there any golf courses in myrtle beach?

There are several golf courses in myrtle beach. A phone book can provide the address and phone numbers for the different golf courses.