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Q: What are names of the Participants in 2009 tour de France teams?
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What was the number of participants participated in tour de France in 2009?

dude the Tour de France 2009 hasn't started yet... lol it starts in July

Where to find real names of classic teams in pes 2009?

Are pes united and we united real teams in pes 2009?

No, they're fictional teams and so are their players. Some of them have names that sound or are spelled almost like the names of real players (I.E. Romaldinho) but they aren't.

Where can you see a photo of the participants of Big Brother Albania 2009?

A gallery of the participants of Big Brother Albania 2009 can be found in the gallery section of the official website.

How many teams are in the NBA in 2009?

30 teams

Which participants in 'American Idol' 2009 have produced a CD?

Adam Lambert

What countries are competing in the 2009 tour de france?

The TdF is raced by professional teams, consisting of riders of several different nationalities. It's not really about country vs country.

How many teams are there in the NFL as of 2009?

There has been 32 teams in the NFL since 2002.

Who was the leader of France in 2009?

The leader of France in 2009 was the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. The Prime Minister of France was François Fillon.

How many teams are there in ipl 2009?


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No NFL teams went undefeated in 2009.

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The Population of France is 65,073,482 which was estimated January 1st 2009 by the french government