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It's the FedEx Field of the Washington Redskins

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Q: What Team has the largest arena in the NFL?
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Who has the largest arena in the NFL?

dallas cowboys

What is played in the largest arena of its kind in Tokyo?


What team had the largest arena in the NBA?


What team has the largest arena in the NHL?

Montreal Canadiens has the largest hockey arena in NHL and the world which is Bell Centre (Centre Bell) which has a capacity of 21,273.

Which NFL team has largest fan base?

The Cowboys

Which NFL team has least largest fan base?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What is the largest city without an NFL team?

Los Angeles California

How does an arena football player go to the NFL?

An arena football player can get to the NFL by going to a NFL tryout. Many people are able to get into the NFL by participating in a tryout.

Does okla homa have a NFL team?

No, unfortunately Oklahoma has no NFL team. But, they do have 2 arena football teams. 1) Oklahoma City Red Dawgs 2) Tulsa Talons Hope I helped xD

What is the world's largest arena?

The world largest arena is Stockholm Globe Arena in Stockholm Sweden. It mostly used for hockey.

What team has the largest arena in the NCAA?

The Carrier Dome, home of the Syracuse Orange, has the largest seating capacity in th NCAA for basketball, seating 33,000. However the Carrier Dome is a 55,000 seat football facility. The largest basketball arena in the NCAA is the Thompson-Boling Arena, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, seating 24,500.

What team has the largest NFL stadium?

The largest stadium in the NFL is the MetLife Stadium which can hold 82,570 fans. This stadium is home to the New York Mets and New York Giants.

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