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graham Henry, Steve hanson, warren gatland

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Q: Name 3 New Zealanders to coach wales rugby?
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What is the name of the welsh rugby team?


What is the name for the USA rugby coach?

Bob Marley

What is the name of the welsh rugby coach?

Warren Gatland

What is the wales national rugby team nick name?


What is the name of the french womens rugby team coach?


What is the welsh rugby union team name?

Wales (aka the Dragons)

Who is the coach for the crusaders rugby team?

His name is wildy saught to be Sir Ben Dover

Name 1 person who plays full back in rugby?

Lee Byrne (Wales and Ospreys)

What is the name of a current Australian national coach and the sport that he or she coaches?

John began ford! And he teaches rugby

Where exactly was Tom Collins born?

There are several people with the name Tom Collins. Tom Collins was born in Wales in the year 1895. He was a rugby player who won a cap for Wales in 1923.

The Prince William cup is contested in Rugby union between wales and which other test side?

Prince William kindly agreed to the establishment of a new trophy in his name celebrating 100 years of history between the rugby nations of Wales and South Africa . This commenced in 2007.

What is the name of native New Zealanders?

Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand. It means Land of the long white cloud. ** Aotearoa simply means "Long Cloud" - no "land of" (Whenua) or "white" (Ma) is in the name. Also, "Aotea" was the name of one of the first Maori canoes to settle on the Nth Island, given its lengthy voyage, it's fair to assume that it would have been a "long" canoe... until recent years "Aotearoa" was merely the name for the North Island only.

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