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Q: Is Robin Roberts of good morning America married?
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What does Robin Roberts do?

Robin Roberts is the anchor on ABC's 'Good Morning America.'

What is Good Morning America's Robin Roberts' sexual orientation?

Robin Roberts has not made a public statement about her sexual orientation.

Did robin Roberts husband die?

Robin Roberts, host of TV's Good Morning America has never been married. In 2012, she came out as a gay woman and revealed her relationship with longtime girlfriend Amber Laign.

Who and when was robin Roberts married to?

no robin is not married

When will Robin Roberts get her hair back?

Robin Roberts returned to the 'Good Morning America ' show in 2012. At this time her hair was already growing back. As of 2014 Robin has all of her hair.

Who was Robin Roberts married to?

Robin Roberts did not marry anyone.

When was American broadcaster Robin Roberts born?

The American broadcaster Robin Roberts was born November 23, 1960. She anchors for the high rated morning television show Good Morning America and is one of the favorites.

What happened to Robin Roberts husband and how long was she married?

Robin Roberts has never been married.

Is Robin Roberts married with kids?

No, Roberts is not married, nor does she have any children.

Did Robin Roberts get married?

Roberts has never been married.

Who is robin Roberts lover?

She is not married

Was robin Roberts ever married?