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No there isn't a NCAA Basketball 10 on PS2, but there is one on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Q: Is NCAA Basketball 2010 on Playstation 2?
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What NCAA women's basketball teams are undefeated in 2009-2010 season?

Division 2, Gannon University in Erie, PA.

How many NCAA Basketball Championships does Louisville have?

They have 4 titles. 1991, 1992, 2001, & 2010

What ncaa men's basketball teams are undefeated in 2009-2010 season?

so far only (2)Kentucky and (1)Texas( as of January 11 2010)

When will NCAA Basketball 09 be out on Wii?

EA Sports will not be making NCAA Basketball 09 for the Wii this year.

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Who won the 2009-2010 basketball National Championship?

Duke Blue Devils beat Butler Bulldogs by 2 points to win the 2010 NCAA Men's National Championship

How many schools participate at NCAA Men's basketball division 2?

1,000 schools participate at the NCAA division 2

Can you play ncaa football 13 on playstation 2?

No the game is not available for PS2

What Schools have won 2 NCAA Basketball Championships?


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How many men's basketball NCAA championships have the Louisville?

Louisville has won 2 mens ncaa championships.

Does the Playstation 2 have good basketball gamesWhat about Football?

The PlayStation 2 can play NBA 2k, which is the gold standard in basketball. For football, you can also play Madden 10.