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No, the FOX network has bought the rights to exclusively broadcast every BCS bowl game this year with the exception of the Rose Bowl, which has a contract with ABC.

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No, it will be on ABC.

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Q: Is ESPN going to air the Sugar Bowl?
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Is the Rose Bowl going to be shown on any of the local channels in the State of Wisconsin except ESPN?

The Rose Bowl will air on ESPN at 5pm eastern on Jan. 1

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What network will air the 2010 pro bowl game?


What time does the Sugar Bowl air?

Fox and Bright House will air Sugar Bowl

Is mlg on ESPN?

Yes and no. It does air on ESPN, but not as often as it used to.

What network will carry Super Bowl in India 2012?

In India, since Super Bowl 42 was carried on TEN Sports. Finally NFL Football will air on these two channels. ESPN HD Star Sports (Standard Definition)

Who will air the 2009 Super Bowl in Dubai UAE?

i have been back and forth on the phone all day. it seems that it will be on ESPN, this is from ADD. so if you have first net you have ESPN. the weird thing is that if you have DU and look on the guide it does not say superbowl. but they assure me that it will be on live, i wont hold my breath

What college football games are being played on New Year's Eve 2014?

Three bowl games will be played on December 31, 2014: the Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl.Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl is at 12:30 PM Eastern and No 9. Ole Miss will play No. 6 TCU.Vizio Fiest Bowl is at 4:00 PM Eastern and No 20. Boise State will play No. 10 Arizona.Capital One Orange Bowl is at 8:00 PM Eastern and No 7. Mississippi State will play No. 12 Georgia Tech.All games will air on ESPN or Watch ESPN application

What radio station is the monday night football game on?

ESPN airs Monday Night Football and has the rights through 2021. Additionally ESPN will air a playoff game in the 2014-2015 season and has exclusive rights to air the Pro Bowl from 2015 to 2022.

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