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because it was a game taught in geography

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Q: How was Canada's geography influenced its sports?
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How did India's geography help early civilization?

the climate and geography influenced the rise of India's first civilization.

How is agriculture influenced by Frances geography?

No it isn't.

What sport isn't linked to geography?

All sports are linked to geography because geography also includes people in an area, and sports are part of people's culture.

How is the way that geography influenced Greece similar to the way it influenced Egypt?

Hot and dry

What is two ways geography influenced Greece?

its hard to answer

How was the Monroe Doctrine influenced by geography?

No i dont think he was

How Geography influenced the development of the eastern Hemisphere?


How the physical geography influenced human geography?

2. Write a paragraph using the following concepts: geology, physical geography, human geography, geologists and geographers.

What academic subjects most influenced the Modernists?

Geography and history

The study of culture is called what geography?

The study of culture in geography is called cultural geography. It focuses on how human culture influences and is influenced by the landscape and environment.

How did the geography of Greece influence where people settled and how they lived?

The geography of Greece influenced where people settled and what they did. Greece's geographic features influenced where people lived because of the high and many mountains made it hard to travel.

How has the geography influenced the way people live in Brazil?

I love kittens