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Q: How tall is the boogeyman?
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How tall is boogeyman?

There is no definitive height for the boogeyman, as it is a mythical creature found in various cultures and folklore. The boogeyman's height is not fixed and can vary depending on the particular story or legend being told.

Is the boogeyman a she?

Paul white is the boogeyman. But, seriously....boogeyMAN.

Is boogeyman the father of mini boogeyman?

No. Mini-Boogeyman was a midget.

Is the boogeyman and little boogeyman related?


Who Sings Boogeyman's theme song?

the boogeyman.

What is Boogeyman's nationality?

The Boogeyman's does not have a specific nationality as he is from The Bottomless Pit.Marty Wright who portrays The Boogeyman in WWE is from Phoenix, Arizona.

When was Return of the Boogeyman created?

Return of the Boogeyman was created in 1994.

When was Boogeyman released?

Boogeyman was released on 02/04/2005.

What was the Production Budget for Boogeyman?

The Production Budget for Boogeyman was $20,000,000.

When did the boogeyman legend originate?

The legend of the boogeyman originated in Scotland.

Does the boogeyman got a son?

yes little boogeyman is his name

Is the WWE Boogeyman Tongan?

no the boogeyman isn't on svr 2010