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Travis was born October 8, 1983.

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Q: How old is travis pastrana from nitro circus?
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How old was travis pastrana in his first race?

He was 8 years old

How old is pastrana?

Travis was born October 8, 1983.

When did travis pastrana become pro?

16 years old

When Travis Pastrana start motorbiking?

4 years old

What age did travis pastrana start racing motocross?

Motorcycle racer Travis Pastrana is 34 years old (birthdate: October 8, 1983).

What dirt bike did travis pastrana first ride?

honda z 50 cc when he was 4 years old

What are the dirt bikes goals and culture?

dirt bike goals are to wake up nehbors in the middle of the night ,run old people over and be like jermy magrath ,brian deegen and travis pastrana

How old is Andrés Pastrana?

Former Colombian president Andrés Pastrana Arango is 63 years old (born August 17, 1954).

What school did travis pastrana go to?

I think he was home schooled and graduated high school when he was 16 years old. I also believe he did attend and possibly completed college with a degree in something related to business. This is what I have heard but I am not 100% sure I am accurate.

How old is Travis Flores?

travis flores is 108 years old

How old is travis from nlt?

Travis from NLT is currently 20 years old

When was Old Mother Riley's Circus created?

Old Mother Riley's Circus was created in 1941.