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France hosted the FIFA World Cup finals twice, in 1938 and in 1998.

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Q: How many times the French have to host the World Cup finals?
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World Cup Host countries in Final Matches?

It has happened 7 times when a host country has reached the finals.1930-Uruguay1934-Italy1950-Brazil1958-Sweden1974-West Germany1978-Argentina1998-France

Host city of 2002 world cup finals?

Japan and South Korea.

What 2 nz cities are hosting the rugby world cup quarter finals?

Wellington and Christchurch will host two quarter finals each.

What sports dose Qatar play?

Qatar is going to host the 2018 World Cup Finals.

When will the FIFA World Cup next be held in Australia?

There are no current plans to host the FIFA World Cup finals in Australia.

What 2 years did Mexico host the world cup finals?

Mexico held the world cup twice in 1970 and 1986.

Which stadium in India is destined to host the 2011 Cricket World Cup finals?

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

How many times did Germany host the world cup?

Germany has host the World Cup 2 times (1974,2006)

Why is South Africa in the World Cup?

South Africa is a country that is a member of FIFA. As such it can try to qualify for the World Cup Finals and host it. In 2010 they hosted it and so had automatic qualification to play in the finals tournament. They also qualified in 1998 and 2002. So they have played in the finals tournament 3 times. Prior to 2010, no African country had ever hosted the World Cup. It had been decided in 2007 that an African country would host it. Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and a joint bid from Libya and Tunisia were made for the 2010 World Cup, and South Africa were awarded the tournament.

Which stadium will host the olympic football finals 2012?

The finals were played at Wembley Stadium.

How many times has the host country won the Euro cup?

Three times, up to the 2012 finals. Spain in 1964, Italy in 1968 and France in 1984.

Which Asian countries have held the FIFA World Cup?

Japan and Korea co-hosted the finals in 2002. Qatar will host in 2022.

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