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Jackie Robinson had one sister named Willa Mae.

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had no sisters

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Q: How many did sisters Jackie Robinson have?
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How many sisters does Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson did not have any sisters.

How many brothers or sisters did jackie robinson have?

five siblings: Edgar, Frank, Matthew, and Willa Mae

How many siblings did Jackie Robinson have?

He had 4 siblings: 3 brothers and 1 sister.

How many marriages did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson had five mariages.

How many saves did Jackie Robinson have?

THE Jackie Robinson was a position player in the late 40s. He did not pitch.

How many stolen bases did Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson had 197 career stolen bases.

Who is robinson jackie?

jackie robinson

How many triples did Jackie Robinson hit in 1948?

In 1948, Jackie Robinson hit 8 triples.

How many sisters does Jackie Chan have?

Jackie Chan has two older half sisters.

How many more hits did Jackie Robinson have in 1964 than in 1955?

None. Jackie Robinson retired in 1956.

How was baseball after Jackie Robinson joined?

When Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers, many people were upset, others liked it.

Who was Jackie Robinson's mom?

Jackie Robinson's mother was Mallie Robinson.