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you need to set up online for ps3 then go to play online in madden 10 then update roster to get mike Vick and Brett farve.

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Q: How do you unlock Brett Favre and Michael Vick on Madden 10 for PlayStation 3?
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How do you unlock Brett Favre and Michael Vick in madden 10 for Wii?

You don't have to unlock them. Go online and update your rosters and you will get them.

Is Brett Favre In Madden 10 For Playstation 2?


How do you unlock Brett Favre and Michael Vick on Madden 10 for PS3?

Go online on the game and downlaod the latest roster.

Who is on the cover of Madden '09?

The cover of the PlayStation 3 game, Madden (NFL) 09, is Brett Favre.

Are you able to unlock Brett favre in family play in madden 10 for ps2?


How come I don't have Brett Favre on my Madden 2010 football game for wii?

You have to unlock him

Do you have Brett Favre in Madden 10?

can you have Brett farve in madden 10 on xbox 360

How do you unlock Brett Favre in Madden for Wii?

In order to unlock Brett Favre in Madden 09 Wii, you have to switch the packers to a past team. Brett Favre will then appear. PS you spelled Brett Favre Wrong

Why isn't Brett Favre's career stats in Madden 10?

Because when the game was made he was retired. They put him into Madden 10 with a roster update, they also did the same with Michael Vick

How do you ad Michael Vick and Brett Favre on madden 10 for PS3?

You have to do a roster update by signing up for an online account through the game.

Is Brett Favre on Madden 09?

Yes-Brett Favre, (and Michael Vick) will be included in an August 19 Madden '10 roster update via XBox Live. EA spokeperson Rob Semsey has informed theCicago Sun Times that Favre will have an overall rating of 82. No you cant get Brett farve for psp by completing the superstar challenge so don't waste your time.

Who is in the cover for Madden NFL 2009?

Brett Favre