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First, you must go to Then u click fantasy games and then hit Baseball. Then, on the left side hit CREATE LEAGUE. Send an email to all who wish to participate. But they MUST BE ESPN MEMBERS. they will be able to accept the invitation. After that the Lm shuld selct an online draft time that works for every1. after the draft is over ESPN automatically loads the rosters

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2011-09-12 22:10:04
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Q: How do you start fantasy baseball with family on ESPN?
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What does gs stand for in ESPN fantasy baseball?

Games Started

How do you start the fantasy basketball season on ESPN?

Go to

When does ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 start?

beginning of august

On ESPN fantasy baseball can suspended players be put on your DL list?


Who were the clevleand steamers?

ESPN has a fantasy baseball team called the Cleveland Steamers.

Are there any fantasy baseball games?

There's one on, Espn, and Yahoo.

When does ESPN fantasy football 2013 start?

can't you already start drafting your team already? wanna play fantasy sports in my league?

When does ESPN Fantasy Baseball Start?

On yahoo, between the 5th and 10th of feb, and on ESPN between the 10th and 15th. sounds like a rough guess because i don't know the exact date, but i am positive that both those sites start between those 2 dates

What kind of fantasy sports does ESPN carry?

The ESPN site has fantasy sports in the three major U.S. sports. In other words, there is information and leagues for football, baseball, and basketball. Recently, the company added hockey as the fourth sport with playable fantasy leagues.

When was Fantasy Focus - ESPN Radio program - created?

Fantasy Focus - ESPN Radio program - was created in 2005.

How do you edit draft setting on ESPN fantasy baseball?

You can only do this before the draft. First 'log in' and then, if you are commissioner then you will be allowed to edit league settings. Change your draft-type and you will be done. NOTE: In the new updated ESPN fantasy baseball, changing your draft choice is disabled.

What other fantasy leagues does ESPN offer besides football?

Other fantasy leagues that ESPN offers are basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, champions, premier, including basically any other major sport played.

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