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to become a football player u need to have a good educated to do this stuffCYBERGARY:you'll need to practice every day. Also if you live in England or places were football is practiced a lot join a clubs train school they usually look for young talent there.

i my go at football i play of Bristol under 13's

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There is no set means of qualifying for the pro's. You have to make yourself marketable. The new movie "Invinceable" is the exception, not the rule. The Pro's rarely if ever have open try outs. You can either excell in college, or try out for a "minor league" team. By minor league I mean NFLE (NFL Europe) or AFL (Arena Football League). Then speak to a sports agent and get yourself in a draft. Pro football teams do have "practice squads, and it is possible to try out for one of these, but you'd be competeing against NCAA, NFLE and AFL players that the team has seen and are interested in signing. Winning the genetic lottery (6'4" 225#) doesn't

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You go to college and you choose to go to the draft and if ateam drafts you then you are an nfl football player

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Q: How do you qualify as a pro football player?
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