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He broke the color barrier in 1947 that is why he is known to help change racial discrimination

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Q: How did Jackie Robinson help to change racial discrimination?
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Important contributions that Jackie Robinson has did?

Jackie Robinson broke the mlb racial barrier

What racial prejudice and discrimination did Jackie Robinson face?

He faced racial discrimination from fans and some of his fellow teammates. Sometimes when he went up to bat, fans would boo him and yell at him. People would throw things as him as well. Despite the racial discrimination, he still pushed through to play the game.

What contributions did Jackie Robinson make to society?

Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in Major League Baseball.

Was Jackie Robinson a Major League Baseball player?

Yes, he was. Jackie Robinson was instrumental in breaking the racial barriers in MLB.

What were Jackie Robinson's dreams?

He dreamed of seeing the end to racial division in all aspects, but was instrumental in making a major change in racism in baseball.

What makes Jackie Robinson significant?

The baseball player Jackie Robinson and the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who brought him to the major leagues were significant as it was a step towards racial equality in the USA.

What obstacles did Jackie Robinson overcome?

Jackie Robinson had racial obstacles to overcome. He had to deal with such things as angry fans that kept taunting him and stadiums that canceled games because he was black.

What did Jackie Robinson make history for?

He was instrumental in breaking the racial barrier in Major League Baseball.

Who was jackie robinson and what's his significance in us history?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to play for major league baseball. He is famous for breaking the racial barrier.

Why did Jackie Robinson leave the war?

Robinson was released from the military because he objected to the racial issues. He refused to ride in the back seat of a bus.

Whose actions challenged the racial status quo before 1950?

Harry Truman and Jackie Robinson

How did sports become known as breaking the racial barrier?

I'm thinking that it was known as breaking the racial barrier when Jackie Robinson first played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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