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they played each other in 2004

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โˆ™ 2010-01-21 16:53:53
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Q: Has Peyton Manning and Brett Favre ever played each other?
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Is Peyton Manning a good quarterback?

He actually isn't the best quarterback. Brett Favre played for the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings and right now holds the record for best quarterback. Once Brett Favre retires Peyton Manning will become the best quarterback. As far as overall statics go, Favre is better, but he also has been in for 20 years, so its not really fair to say he is better then Manning at this point. once they are both retired (or after Manning's 20th season) you can make a fair comparison One can subjectively argue who is better ad nauseam, but if you're talking statistics, Farve has a lifetime quarterback rating of 86.0, whereas Manning has a lifetime rating of 94.9.

Is Peyton Manning the quarter back with the most passes completed?

No, I believe that would be Mr. Dan Marino. Most prolific passer in NFL history - career statistics include 4,967 completions, 8,358 attempts for 61,361 yards.Peyton's carreer stats-3,131 completions, 4,890 attempts for 37,586 yards. Peyton may overtake Marino at some point, but not today.Actually,Most pass completions, career: 6,300, Brett Favre, 1992-2010Most pass attempts, career: 10,169 Brett Favre, 1991-2010Most passing yards, career 71,838 Brett Favre 1992-2010Most pass completions, season: 450, Peyton Manning, 2010Source: List of National Football League records

Who did Brett Favre play for in the 1960's?

Brett Favre was born in 1969 (the last year of the sixties), so there was no way for him to play for any team in the 1960's.

How many Super Bowls did Brett favre play in?


What are the release dates for Balls - 2010 Peek-a-boo Brett Favre 1-4?

Balls - 2010 Peek-a-boo Brett Favre 1-4 was released on: USA: 28 August 2010

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