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Yes I think he hosted Saturday Night Live

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Q: Did Wilt Chamberlain ever Host Saturday Night Live?
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Did Hugh Jackman host Saturday Night Live?

Hugh Jackman hosted Saturday Night Live on December 8, 2001.

Who was the First football player to host Saturday Night Live?

The first American Football player to host Saturday Night Live was Fran Tarkenton on the 29th of January 1977.

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Freddie Highmore has never been on Saturday Night Live, nor is he presently scheduled to host.

How old do you have to be to host Saturday night live?

Not sure.. Young though! Drew Barrymore hosted Saturday Night Live when she was 7 years old!

What actors and actresses appeared in Saturday Night Live - 2005?

The cast of Saturday Night Live - 2005 includes: Sajid Varda as Himself - Host

What actors and actresses appeared in Mittermeiers Saturday Night Live - 2004?

The cast of Mittermeiers Saturday Night Live - 2004 includes: Thomas Hermanns as Himself - Host Michael Mittermeier as Himself - Host

Who is the host for the September 13th Saturday night live?

Michael Phelps

First musician to host Saturday Night Live?

Paul Simon

Who was the first guest host for Saturday Night Live?

George Carlin

When did Joe Pesci host Saturday Night Live?

It was around October in 1992.