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Jackie Robinson wore #42 for his entire career. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947-1956.

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Q: Did Jackie Robinson only wear the number 42 or another number?
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What happened to Jackie Robinson in 1995?

Jackie Robinson died in 1972. The only event of historical significance (in the 90s) in relation to Jackie Robinson is his number, 42, being retired throughout Major League Baseball. This happened in 1997.

Who many times was Jackie Robinson married?

Jackie robinson got married 1 time only

Was Jackie Robinson Named MVP After 1949?

No. The only year Jackie Robinson won the MVP award was in 1949.

Was Jackie Robinson the only one to brake the color barrior?

yes, jackie robinson did brake the color barrior of baseball

How many homeruns did Jackie Robinson have?

Only 19 :(

How many baseball hall of famers wore number 42?

Only 1 ... Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What did Jackie Robinson play for the Red Sox?

Jackie Robinson never played for the Red Sox. You may think so because you see his number retired at Fenway Park but his number is retired for all MLB teams. He only played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Did Jackie Robinson play for Pittsburgh?

No only the Brooklyn Dodgers

Who is the one and only number forty two?

JACKIE IS THE ONE AND ONLY #42 IN THE WHOLE EMTIRE WORLD!! Know one else just JACKIE. If anyone was wondering my name is Jackie and I am the on and only #42 in the whole entire world. There is only one other person that is the other one and only #42 and his name is JACKIE ROBINSON:)

What were Jackie Robinson life challenges?

he was the only black basball player

Did Jackie Robinson play for the Cincinnati Reds?

No, he only played for the Dodgers

Who was the only athlete to letter in 4 sports at UCLA?

Jackie Robinson

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